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Oyster Shell Candles

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Enhance your guests onboard dining experience with these unique and beautiful Oyster Shell Candles.

Sea themed in look and scent, they are all hand made from natural and sustainable ingredients.

The pretty pearlized light combined with sea breeze scents creates a warm and inviting atmosphere at any dining table.

Want to give your guests a prefect ‘thank you’ gift? These Oyster Shell Candles will evoke the wonderful memories of their yachting experience once they are home.

Hand-picked from Hamble beach in the UK, lovingly prepared and hand poured, this set of 3 Oyster Shell candles burn for approximately 2 hours.

The ingredients are all natural, cruelty free and vegan using the best sustainable soy wax and premium fragrance oils.

Environmentally friendly and no toxins or bad fumes. Safe for any breathing difficulties and children.

The mix of natural botanic fragrance oils promotes a feeling of sea breezes, sandy beaches and fresh air to create a perfect atmosphere for any onboard occasion.

Colours – Plain, Silver and Gold (3 Oyster Candles per box)

Candle care; Please ensure to burn your candles safely; away from anything flammable and any breeze. 3 beach stones are included in each box to balance Oyster Shells.


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